Just thanks.

by b.valley

I read this in Donald Miller’s Through Painted Deserts recently:
“Thanks, Don.”
“Thanks for what?”
“Just thanks.”

So I wanted to say thanks to you all. Just thanks. But also for some particular things, and to some particular people:

Thanks for being gracious with me. I make a lot of mistakes.
Thanks for going to Joshua Tree with me. That might be my favorite week of this year.
Thanks for making me sign up for the half marathon.
Thanks for praying for me. I do my best to pray for you.

Thanks for being willing to cry in front of me. It lets me know that you trust me.
Thanks for sitting through those floor meetings. I thought they were boring too.
Thanks for sharing your story with me. That’s a brave thing to do.
Thanks for continuing to be my friend. I know I haven’t made the best effort to spend time with you.

Thanks for not accepting my flippant answers. I need people to look at me and ask, “really?”
Thanks for letting me eat your food and sleep in your house. I hope that I can be as hospitable as you.
Thanks for being my roommates. I really miss living with you.
Thanks for letting me lead you. I know that I’m not perfect, but I love the community we have created together.

Thanks for being exactly who you are. You and your friendship have meant absolutely everything to me.
Thanks for going hiking with me.
Thanks for listening to me. Even if you don’t have answers, it’s good to know that you want to hear.
Thanks for letting me play some part in your life. I know that you are busy and don’t have space for all that many people, but you continue to give me your time.

But mostly, just thanks.